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Special single stream

Special single

MVV offers complete solutions for feeding and spinning carbon fiber precursors.
High technology materials are used to achieve the best efficiency and repeatability on the delicate spinning process.
MVV has a huge background on prepolymers thanks to SNIA Engineering and its projects still active around the World.

special stream

Acrilyc dope precursors

From the small capacity of the spinning pumps to the bigger dope feeding pumps:
Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) in solvent solution, with about 20% of PAN in 80% solvent like DMAc (Dimethylacetamide) or DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) is transfered with big pumps up to 2000 cc/rev.
MVV is able to certify the pump units according to the location of the plant: CCC, EAC, Atex, TR/CU certifications are available on request. MVV prioritizes confidentiality and ensures the highest level of discretion from the first point of contact.”

Other Features

Due to the hundreds of designs available, contact us to have more information