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and fixing
of MVV gear pumps

From the first metering pumps saddle or trunnion mounted to the most customized solutions, MVV is able to offer the widest range of fixing and mounting methods.

Many pumps have been adapted from the textile industry, where they are fixed on heated plates inside spinning beams. In such applications, the ports are not threaded, and connection and sealing are achieved through surface finishing. However, for industrial applications, it is preferred to use flanges, threaded ports, or special custom solutions. Submerged pumps are also not uncommon. At MVV, we understand the diverse needs of our customers and offer flexible solutions tailored to their specific applications. We can provide customized baseplates and fixing solutions, as well as develop adapter plates and shims to ensure compatibility with our competitors’ pump units.

Foot mounting

Standard mounting solution for common baseplates. With integrated or custom bracket. Pumps have threaded ports or flanges.


Plate mounting

For spinning and hot-melt pumps, a specialized solution is implemented. The pump is securely fastened onto a custommade flat lapped plate, ensuring precise alignment and stability. This unique mounting method eliminates the need for threaded connections, providing a seamless and reliable setup.


Saddle mounting

Saddle mounting is an old-fashioned system that was originally used for pumps for acrilyc dope, but is still used today in certain applications such as carbon fiber production or with American-made chemical pumps. The pump is fastened by pushing the trunnions screwed into the saddle against the pump’s inlet and outlet. The pump can be tilted around its axis and will automatically disengage if it becomes blocked.

MVV 600X400

Tank mounting

These pumps are mounted directly under the tank: generally used in polymer reaction processes.

Tank mounting

Flange mounting

Generally used for extrusion pumps, the flanges are used to sustain the pump.