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Multi stream planetary

Multi stream

Based on SNIA’s knowledge, we have developed dozens of different models suitable for processing nearly any synthetic fiber.
Our multi-outlet spinning pumps are available in round or rectangular shapes and are perfect for manufacturing endless filaments, carpet yarns, staple fibers, nonwovens, tire cords, and industrial yarns made from materials such as PETP, PA 6, PA 6.6, and PP.

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Planetary spinning pumps play a critical role in spinning plant operations, and the key to high-quality yarn is tight production tolerances, reliability, and a long service life. At MVV, we offer a wide range of spinning pump designs that are compatible with most spinning beams installed around the world. Our planetary spinning pumps are engineered to meet the highest standards for performance and reliability, ensuring smooth and consistent yarn production. With dozens of designs to choose from, we can provide the ideal spinning pump for your specific application needs.

Other Features

Due to the hundreds of designs available, contact us to have more information