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PAE booster pumps | pompa di processo

PAE booster pumps

With the same principles of the PLE, but with different materials: the use of tool steels increases the temperature resistance. These pumps are used for melted polymers, and high-temperature polymer reactions.
PAE pumps can be heated electrically or through an appropriate fluid, maintaining the process temperature.
A full range of small pumps is available, from 0,3 to 30 cc/rev pumps, able to be mounted directly on 3D-Printing robot arms.

Technical details
Materials R-02, I-12
Shaft seal PTFE packing, Fluid barrier, O-Rings, Mechanical
seal, V-collars, Magnetic coupling
Options DLC, Nitreg, heating
Indicative data
Capacity range 0,3 – 2000 cc/rev
Suggested speed range 10 – 80 rpm
Max differential pressure 400 bar
Operating temperature 10 – 350°C
Viscosity range 50 – 2.000.000 cP


  • Melt
  • Masterbatch injection
  • 3D printing
  • Monofilament production
  • Polymer reaction
  • Designed to reduce the pulsation downstream extrusion equipment to highly increase its efficiency