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Strong connection
with our history

MVV originally stood for Meccanico Vittorio Veneto, which was the idea of its founder, Franco Marinotti. Marinotti was born in Ceneda, a district of Vittorio Veneto, in 1891. Throughout his life, he divided his time between Milan, the capital of business, and various other countries, as he played a pioneering role in exporting the “Made in Italy” concept. His aim was to provide his fellow citizens with opportunities to work and thrive in an industrial setting that was structured like few others in the area.

In his hometown, Marinotti established MVV to meet the technical needs of SNIA, employing up to 200 people. Since 1950, MVV has acted as the “mechanical branch” for SNIA, manufacturing gear pumps and related equipment for their spinning and chemical plants.
Countless pumps produced by MVV have been installed worldwide in acrylic, caprolactam, nylon, polyester, viscose, and pulp & paper plants. SNIA and SNIA Engineering have developed numerous chemical processes that are still utilized in various industries today.

  •  Nylon
  • Caprolactam
  •  Acrylic
  •  Polyester
  • Viscose and Rayon
  • Pulp and paper
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial plants
Franco Marinotti

Franco Marinotti was the driving force behind it all. He possessed remarkable political and business acumen, allowing him to grasp the international situation during the interwar period and capitalize on the economic boom following World War II. In recognition of his achievements, Marinotti was awarded the prestigious title of “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (Knight of Labour) in 1937. The University of Milan further honored him in 1954 by granting him an honorary degree in agricultural sciences. Marinotti’s talents extended beyond business, as he was also an expert in art and a painter in his own right.
His commitment to the internationalization of the Italian industry was unwavering, making him one of the earliest champions of the renowned Made in Italy brand across the globe. His influence extended beyond business ventures, as he assumed the role of President of the Italian-Soviet Chamber of Commerce in 1964. Additionally, on May 24, 1946, he was bestowed with the title of Count of Torviscosa by Umberto II.
Through his brilliance and foresight, Franco Marinotti left an indelible mark on the business landscape, playing a vital role in shaping the success of MVV and promoting the prestige of Italian industry worldwide.

Feet firmly set
in the present

Thanks to the longstanding partnership between MVV and SNIA, the latter boasts an impressive portfolio of references, with active plants in numerous countries. However, unlike some other companies that expanded their operations into the Far East, SNIA did not possess the same level of foresight, resulting in a gradual reduction of its business and market presence. Nevertheless, SNIA remains one of the most successful business stories in Italy and Europe.
In response to changing market dynamics, MVV diversified its operations beyond the textile industry and ventured into pump development for the chemical sector. In the 1980s, it secured contracts with major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the polyurethane, converting, and hotmelt industries. Despite SNIA’s bankruptcy in 2010, MVV managed to navigate through the financial impact unscathed.
In 2012, a group of private investors with expertise in industrial pumps and mechanical engineering acquired MVV. This acquisition brought new investments, including the relocation to a privately owned industrial building in the nearby town of Orsago. Since then, MVV has made significant investments in machinery and personnel, strengthening its position in the market


At MVV, we firmly believe in the value of experience and the skills acquired over time.


They have played a crucial role in developing our unique know-how, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Our History timeline
80 years
of mechanical
Acquisition of a new Zeiss measuring machine and of a new KAstoTwin cutting machine. Installation of 300kW of solar panels.
Acquisition of a nearby warehouse dedicated to spinning beams assembling
New milling machines and gear finishing machines acquired. Huge investments on quality control.
On its 70th anniversary, M.V.V. is acquired by a group of entrepreneurs and becomes MVV, joining the Asco Pompe group, an international manufacturer and distributor of industrial pumps.
Extension of the products portfolio with Chemical pumps
Launch of the pumps for polyurethane industry
FIAT (now part of the FCA group) takes control of SNIA
SNIA Viscosa joined with Bombrini Parodi Delfino in SNIA BPD (Colleferro)
Manufacturing of the fist pumps line for man-made fibers. MVV is the “mechanical branch” of SNIA Engineering
F. Marinotti opens MVV in his birth town Vittorio Veneto
F. Marinotti becomes General Manager of the SNIA Group
SNIA is the most capitalized Italian company, traded on NY & London Exchange. Produces 24 tons/d of artificial fibers (11.1% WW)
Franco Marinotti is a manager leading the industrial relations between Russia & Italy
The name Società Navigazione Industriale Applicazione Viscosa (SNIA Viscosa) is given when mass production of rayon started
Financier Riccardo Gualino founds in Turin the Società Navigazione Italo Americana (SNIA), with Giovanni Agnelli as Vice President