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PLE | pompa di processo


When dealing with high pressures and viscosities, a different design is required. The PLE series features bushings that allow for the discharge of forces on a larger and stronger surface, such as the gear plate. This design is ideal for low-temperature applications, particularly when dispensing thick resins, and is often used for polymer transfer in polymer reaction columns, or for handling carbon fiber dope precursors (PAN+DMSO).

Technical details
Materials I-09, I-12, R-02
Shaft seal PTFE packing, Fluid barrier, O-Rings, Mechanical
seal, V-collars, Magnetic coupling
Options DLC, Nitreg, heating
Indicative data
Capacity range 0,3 – 2000 cc/rev
Suggested speed range 5 – 100 rpm
Max differential pressure 350 bar
Operating temperature -20°C +160°C
Viscosity range 50 – 2.000.000 cP


  • Automotive industry
  • Glazing
  • Resins dispensing
  • Polymer reaction vessels
  • Thick and abrasive fluids metering
  • Synthetic and man-made fibers
  • Carbon fibers and aramides