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PL4 | pompa dosatrice


When pumping low viscosity liquids such as solvents and additives, our standard pumps may face difficulties. To address this, we have designed a pump with gears made of a special thermoplastic material, PEEK, in addition to AISI316L stainless steel construction. This unique material, when combined with specific additives, achieves high levels of hardness, enabling us to pump fluids as low as 1 cP at pressures up to 30 bar with almost zero clearance.

Technical details
Materials I-04, PEEK, special alloys
Shaft seal Mechanical seal, magnetic coupling
Options Electric heating, DLC coating, Atex
Indicative data
Capacity range 0,6 – 25 cc/rev
Suggested speed range 10 – 500 rpm
Max differential pressure 30 bar
Operating temperature 10°C + 80°C
Viscosity range 1 – 1000 cP

low viscosities

  • Additives
  • Solvents
  • Water
  • Low viscosity fluids
  • Low lubricity fluids