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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Textile Gear Pumps


With 80 years of research in textile mechanics, we have the expertise to provide our customers with the most suitable products and materials for their specific requirements. Our specialization is in manufacturing melt (dry) spinning spinnerets, with mirrorfinished holes and strict quality control procedures for all dimensions.
We use highly sensitive optical instruments to ensure the size and finishing of the capillaries, and conduct special tests in our premises to verify their height with the most precise instruments.
Additionally, we produce cuspid-shaped spinnerets for meltblown spinning.
The emphasis on discretion is one of our main points of pride.
From the initial meeting or phone call, we ensure that all drawings, hole patterns, shapes, surface finishes, and materials are kept in the strictest confidence. This commitment to confidentiality is why our customers trust us to process their award-winning high-technology yarns.

Trilob spin
Spin delta
Spin round
Spin round 2


holes shapes and details

Spin 1

Dmin = 0,12mm (0,00472’’)
D ± 1μm (0,0000394’’)
Height ± 10μm (0,00394’’)

Spin 2

Widthmin = 0,07mm (0,00276’’)
Width ± 2μm (0,0000787’’)
Lenght ± 5μm (0,00197’’)
Height ± 20μm (0,000787’’)

Spin 3

Sidemin = 0,10mm (0,00394’’)
Side ± 2μm (0,0000787’’)
Height ± 20μm (0,000787’’)

Other shapes

Other spin