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Spin finishing

P94 & P96

Multi-outlet spin finishing pumps are designed for yarn lubrication and are available with a geared motor for quick fitting into any existing spinning line.
These pumps are used to apply antistatic finish, adhesive, or other additives to prevent electrostatic charging and fiber breaks.
The fibers obtain better properties, such as improved elasticity for subsequent processes.
Additionally, MVV pumps have a wide range of applications for metering low-viscosity media, including water, organic solvents, perfume, and oils.


Spin finishing

  • “Sandwich” construction, one one inlet-multiple outlet configuration. Up to 12 outlets.
  • Centering pins and mechanical machining precision ensure unparalleled dosing repeatability and accuracy.
  • Core tempered martensitic stainless steel at 58HRC ensures high mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • Lip seals as standard

Other Features

Due to the hundreds of designs available, contact us to have more information