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of MVV gear pumps

In line with our taylor-made philosophy, we can dress up our pumps with some bells and whistles.

Most of our models can be supplied with many different attachements and accessories. Most of them are designed and build in MVV, otherwise are specifically bought.

Electric heating

Most of our pumps can be electrically heated using cartridges, plates, or
heating bands. The heating process is monitored and controlled through PT100 probes and thermostats.


Fluid heating/cooling

Heating jackets and channels are available for pumps of all sizes, ranging from small to large. These jackets and channels can be utilized with water, diathermic oil, or steam, depending on the specific application requirements.

fluid heating

Connection plates/blocks

Many of our pumps have been specifically designed for plate mounting.
We offer customized fixing plates that can be equipped with threaded ports, flanges, and various accessories such as safety and control valves, heating circuits, and probes. These customizable fixing plates provide flexibility and convenience for integrating our pumps into your specific system or application.

Connection plates


Some applications require flanges instead of threads, and we can provide custom piping and flanges tailored to the customer’s needs. The standards and materials for these custom solutions are determined in collaboration with our technical department.


Motor units

Our range of motor options spans from the standard asynchronous three-phase gear motor to more advanced solutions such as brushless and stepper motors with integrated speed control.

Motor units

Quenching systems

We offer custom reservoirs specifically designed for double mechanical seals or specialized vacuum-proof combined sealing applications. These
reservoirs are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each system, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Quenching systems