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MVV gear pumps
our mission is to build relations

MVV is a dynamic and growing company with a modern fleet of high-quality machine tools. This enables us to deliver precision mechanical work. Our team includes experienced professionals such as our Chief Engineer and Sales Manager, who have over 20 and 30 years of experience at MVV, respectively. They are supported by a skilled group of mechanics in our workshop. Our unique know-how is passed down from generation to generation, ensuring the same level of quality and passion that has made MVV a leading company in the gear metering pump industry.

Looking forward
to the future

While our focus remains on OEMs and engineering companies, we have also established relationships with major industrial pump distributors worldwide. This allows us to provide our precision dosing solutions to smaller companies and end-users. We continuously strive to improve our assistance service through regular meetings, workshops, and online courses, ensuring that our customers always receive the support they need.
MVV is proud to be a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company, demonstratingour commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Know how

Our idea of “engineering” is a mixture of direct dialogue, transversality, teamwork, knowledge and skills.
But, most of all, what makes us MVV is our dedication.

Our world is undergoing a transformation influenced by language, and the impact of social media has altered the meaning of numerous words, either amplifying or diminishing their significance. At MVV, we hold the word “dedication” in high regard, defining it as an unwavering commitment to satisfying our customers. With a wide range of pump models at our disposal and custom projects filling our daily agenda, we take pride in our ability to embrace the mindset of “never saying no,” even though it can sometimes present challenges and burdens. Despite the obstacles we face, we consistently strive to provide the best solutions that align with our customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations.

It’s all about microns

At MVV, our dedicated R&D team goes above and beyond industry standards to design and engineer custom solutions on a daily basis, catering to diverse pumping requirements. Working with various materials, we explore new avenues to meet even the most challenging applications. When a solution doesn’t exist, we take it upon ourselves to create it. Our philosophy is simple: If it doesn’t exist, we make it.

After-sales service

In addition to delivering high-quality products, our success lies in cultivating and nurturing long-term relationships. Our technical and sales departments collaborate closely, engaging in constant brainstorming and idea exchange to address daily challenges.

Service and spare parts

We maintain a large warehouse stocked with spare parts, shafts, and plates to minimize potential downtime in production plants. If supplying spare parts isn’t sufficient, our service team is readily available to analyze and resolve any issues through repairs or replacements. Our services extend beyond our own pumps to include other brands as well.

Test and calibration machines

Ensuring accuracy and precision is paramount to us. That’s why we provide calibration certificates for all spinning pumps, guaranteeing their reliability. Moreover, we customize compact and precise calibration machines to meet your specific needs.

Special and custom

Our team of engineers and mechanics is able to meet the demands of even the most discerning customers and designers.
At MVV, we specialize in creating custom parts and equipment based on our customers’ specific designs and requirements, serving not only the textile industry
but also various other industries.

After sales

MVV offers in house maintenance with different service levels. First, a visual check is performed both externally and, after disassembly, on the different parts. This first analysis gives information regarding components status and allows double checking the of customer’s failure report. Parts are then accurately washed and to determine the operating level of maintenance. There are substantially two levels: first is a revision, so grinding of all contact plane surfaces. Second level is a revamping, susbtitution of irreparably worn parts. The pump is then tested with at rated capacity and pressure and certified with an additional 12 months-warranty.

Spare parts
MVV offers a fast-track spare parts service for all its products.
Contact MVV Sales Department for the availability.

Technical Advice
Our Engineers are able to offer technical support for the proper installation and operation of our products and for off the relevant ancillaries. Technical support before or during offer stage often generates dialogue for a new engineered solution. Support and compentence are the cornerstone of our customer care.

Although our typical customer is the OEM, we cooperate with the most important fluid handling experts, worldwide.
We strongly support our distributors with on-site training and coaching, together with constant online sales and technical support.

and Certificates

It’s important to be recognized: MVV invests its efforts to maintain
the following international certifications: ISO 9001:2015; UNI EN ISO 9001:2015