MVV Metering, Circulation and Transfer External Gear Pumps Fabricated in AISI 316 and Alloy 20 materials, suitable for corrosive and poor lubricating materials. The PUG series benefits from MVV’s 70-year experience in manufacturing process external gear pumps; pumps are simple yet rugged and able to work 24/7 in harsh industrial environments. The pursuit to total quality (thanks to MVV cutting edge mechanical production) assures high accuracy (in excess of 1%), stable (almost pulseless) and repeatable flows, under varying operating conditions (temperature, viscosity and pressure). Wetted materials are selected to handle a variety of chemical process applications (extremely corrosive and toxic too). Pumps can be supplied in several configuration and sealing options to meet customers’ demands and Local Regulations. Advantages of External Gear Pumps External Gear are volumetric pumps used for a number of applications for accurate metering, circulation and transfer, with differential pressures way higher than centrifugal and internal gear pumps. Unlike other volumetric pumps, Gear Pumps are basically pulseless and, do not require pulsation dampers or other ancillary. PUG series are able to accurately dose very thin and/or poor lubricant chemicals. Using gears, bushings and wearing plates made of self-lubricating materials (Teflon, PEEK or graphite) in combination with metallic wetted parts such as AISI 316 and Alloy 20, PUG series are ideal for pumping highly corrosive chemicals. By using Magnetic Drive coupling, PUG pumps are safely used to pump toxic, dangerous, expansive chemicals where leakage is not considered as option. Very low roughness (Ra 0,5), backed by FDA components and 3.1 material certification, make PUG pumps suitable for Food&Diary application.  

  • Gasoline or gasoline components (ethanol ðers), Zinc Octane, Polymer, Oils, Lube oil circulation, Hydrocarbons, Styrene, acrylonitrile, toluene etc.
  • Chocolate and snack food ingredients (Lecitine, Aroma Arachis Oil, Butryc Acid, synthetic fat), meat processing additives, cleansing chemicals
  • Sulphuric and sulfonic acid, caustic, pickling chemicals
  • Panthenol/sodium lauroyl/Milkiacid/Dehiquartz etc, soap, dyes, fragrances
  • Oxygen peroxide, Nitric acid, alum, polymers, acids, sodium Hypochlorite
  • Polymers, glues, wet strength additives
  • PMDI and MDI Isocyanate
  • Boiler feedwater treatment chemicals, biocides