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Acrylic fibers


Acetate, Rayon, Viscose, Spandex

Fibre Hi-Tech

More and more companies specialize in high technology sectors to create market niches. We work with some of the world’s most important hi-tech fiber manufacturers. We develop specific solutions for carbon fiber, kevlar, aramide, PTFE, PEEK and other fibers. Obviously, we guarantee, as with all our collaborations, the utmost respite. Upon request, we produce NDA … Continued

Polymer extraction-Booster

Our polymer extraction and booster pumps are designed to be placed under the polymerization column or right before the extruder die, to level the pressure and ensure a perfect homogenization of the polymer. These are the most rugged pumps in MVV’s range. we use the best european high speed steels for the maximum resistance to … Continued


The PLV pumps are a new range of pumps specially studied for industrial painting. The experience of PLx pumps combined with technical solution of other MVV pump family, the usage of dedicated materials (from gaskets to gears, …) permits to obtain a pump with perfect seal and constant and accurate supply. Typical application is the … Continued


Extrusion process requires reliable gear pumps to build melt pressure. The melt pump can be used to mantain a consistent pressure at the die or to compensate for pressure loss and fluctuation of a filtration system. The PAE Series Extrusion Gear Pumps are specifically designed for these applications. Rotating parts, fully made of core tempered … Continued


PA6/7 – Hot melt

Coming from the synthetic fibers design, the PA6/7 pumps have been engineered for metering hot melted glues in the industrial packaging, the production of laminates and on the edgebanders. Thanks to the materials used, the pumps are able to tolerate the stress due to the abrasive particles contained sometimes in the glues, the high temperatures … Continued