PA6/7 – Hot melt

Coming from the synthetic fibers design, the PA6/7 pumps have been engineered for metering hot melted glues in the industrial packaging, the production of laminates and on the edgebanders. Thanks to the materials used, the pumps are able to tolerate the stress due to the abrasive particles contained sometimes in the glues, the high temperatures and pressures up to 300 bar. PA6/7 pumps are available in different shapes and sizes, with lip seals and the inlet/outlet on the rear plate, so to be assembled on the base plate. For the PA7 the flow rate range is up to 50 cc/rev.

Sl PA6/7 – Hot melt
Viscosity cP 50 - 1.000.000
Capacity range cc/rev 0,45 - 50
Rotation Speed rpm 10 - 150
Max outlet pressure psi/bar 2.900 - 200
Operating temperature °C 10 - 200
Appplications Materials Shaft Seal On Demand
Hot melt glue High speed steel Surface treatments