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Textile Gear Pumps

Single stream
polymer metering

Generally used for monofilaments, single stream spinning pumps are used to process melted polymers such as PA, PL, PP, PET, PC, and many others.
Special versions are available able to process PEEK and PTFE based polymers. Some of these pumps are private labeled to be standard gear metering pumps, used for general chemistry applications.

1920x900px single


  • High speed steel alloyed with tungsten, vanadium and chromium
  • The highest resistance to wear and extreme  working conditions
  • Heat treated up to 68 HRC
  • Labyrinth self-sealing polymer seal
  • Strong and robust, up to 700 bar

Multi stream

Based on SNIA’s knowledge, we have developed dozens of different models suitable for processing nearly any synthetic fiber.
Our multi-outlet spinning pumps are available in round or rectangular shapes and are perfect for manufacturing endless filaments, carpet yarns, staple fibers, nonwovens, tire cords, and industrial yarns made from materials such as PETP, PA 6, PA 6.6, and PP.

1920x900px (10)


Planetary spinning pumps play a critical role in spinning plant operations, and the key to high-quality yarn is tight production tolerances, reliability, and a long service life. At MVV, we offer a wide range of spinning pump designs that are compatible with most spinning beams installed around the world. Our planetary spinning pumps are engineered to meet the highest standards for performance and reliability, ensuring smooth and consistent yarn production. With dozens of
designs to choose from, we can provide the ideal spinning pump for your specific application needs.

Special single

MVV offers complete solutions for feeding and spinning carbon fiber precursors.
High technology materials are used to achieve the best efficiency and repeatability on the delicate spinning process.
MVV has a huge background on prepolymers thanks to SNIA Engineering and its projects still active around the World.

special stream

Acrilyc dope

From the small capacity of the spinning pumps to the bigger dope feeding pumps:
Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) in solvent solution, with about 20% of PAN in 80% solvent like DMAc (Dimethylacetamide) or DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) is transfered with big pumps up to 2000 cc/rev.
MVV is able to certify the pump units according to the location of the plant: CCC, EAC, Atex, TR/CU certifications are available on request.
MVV prioritizes confidentiality and ensures the highest level of discretion from the first point of contact.”

P94 & P96

Multi-outlet spin finishing pumps are designed for yarn lubrication and are available with a geared motor for quick fitting into any existing spinning line.
These pumps are used to apply antistatic finish, adhesive, or other additives to prevent electrostatic charging and fiber breaks.
The fibers obtain better properties, such as improved elasticity for subsequent processes.
Additionally, MVV pumps have a wide range of applications for metering low-viscosity media, including water, organic solvents, perfume, and oils.


Spin finishing

  • “Sandwich” construction, one one inlet-multiple outlet configuration. Up to 12 outlets.
  • Centering pins and mechanical machining precision ensure unparalleled dosing repeatability and accuracy.
  • Core tempered martensitic stainless steel at 58HRC ensures high mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • Lip seals as standard


With 80 years of research in textile mechanics, we have the expertise to provide our customers with the most suitable products and materials for their specific requirements. Our specialization is in manufacturing melt (dry) spinning spinnerets, with mirrorfinished holes and strict quality control procedures for all dimensions.
We use highly sensitive optical instruments to ensure the size and finishing of the capillaries, and conduct special tests in our premises to verify their height with the most precise instruments.
Additionally, we produce cuspid-shaped spinnerets for meltblown spinning.
The emphasis on discretion is one of our main points of pride.
From the initial meeting or phone call, we ensure that all drawings, hole patterns, shapes, surface finishes, and materials are kept in the strictest confidence. This commitment to confidentiality is why our customers trust us to process their award-winning high-technology yarns.

Trilob spin
Spin delta
Spin round
Spin round 2


holes shapes and details

Spin 1

Dmin = 0,12mm (0,00472’’)
D ± 1μm (0,0000394’’)
Height ± 10μm (0,00394’’)

Spin 2

Widthmin = 0,07mm (0,00276’’)
Width ± 2μm (0,0000787’’)
Lenght ± 5μm (0,00197’’)
Height ± 20μm (0,000787’’)

Spin 3

Sidemin = 0,10mm (0,00394’’)
Side ± 2μm (0,0000787’’)
Height ± 20μm (0,000787’’)

Other shapes

Other spin

Spinning beams

a long history in spinning engineering

Since the time of SNIA Engineering and its countless references worldwide, we have developed expertise in various types of spinning.
Whether it’s polyester, polypropylene, or polyethylene, we are here to assist you in developing spinning heads of all sizes, incorporating different heating methods and offering top or bottom loading options.

Spinning beams

Engineering and

MVV manufactures spinning beams for synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene and spunbond, following customer specifications.
Utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies, spinning beams can be heated by conduction using diathermic oil and electric resistances, or by induction with diathermic oil vapor.
Modern insulation solutions ensure the highest safety levels near the heat sources.
Spinning beams can be designed with instruments for temperature and pressure control, safety valves certified to standards, and freezing valves for maintenance operations even while the plant is operating.
All MVV products are tested to ensure compliance with specific customer needs and can be provided with testing certifications according to P.E.D. and ASME U-Stamp standards upon request.
MVV also assists customers who want to switch from vapor heating to electrical heating on existing systems, ensuring a painless revamping of older plants.

Spin packs

Confidentiality and competence

Our mechanical workshop produces spin packs in coengineering or based on the customer’s design.
In addition to technology and finishes, we ensure the strictest confidentiality and are fully available for the signing of non-disclosure and mutual confidentiality agreements.

The experience gained in past years in different industrial application, makes MVV the ideal partner and supplier of special components from drawing or tailor-engineered parts.
Spinning packs, changing filters, block distributors, dynamic mixers and other parts.
The expertise and machining ability combined with the close collaboration with the network of leading companies in the area, help to give added value MVV offering. MVV is often required to supply reduced lots of parts in special hightech materials, tiny tolerances, special processes.
Most of the time engineering is the highest cost. Our agile and multi-skilled team is able to quickly and accurately assess the work cycle. The combination of passion and expertise makes MVV extremely competitive in small lot production (i.e. 1-10 pcs even for demanding components)

Spin packs