Polymer extraction-Booster

Our polymer extraction and booster pumps are designed to be placed under the polymerization column or right before the extruder die, to level the pressure and ensure a perfect homogenization of the polymer. These are the most rugged pumps in MVV's range. we use the best european high speed steels for the maximum resistance to wear and pressure. During the years, we applied some versions of these pumps also for glazing applications with high viscosity resins and silicons. We even used some of them for oil and gas application, for recovery of residual wax. We're able to develop customized soultions according to our customer's needs, modifying drawings and materials.

  • For high viscosity fluid
  • Innovative sealing systems
  • Customized solutions
Sl Polymer extraction-Booster
Viscosity cP 100 - 1.000.000
Capacity range cc/rev up to 3000cc/rev
Rotation speed rpm 10 - 120
Max outlet pressure psi/bar 4350 - 300
Operating temperature °C up to 320
Appplications Materials Shaft Seal On Demand
Polymer extraction Martensitic stainless steel Custom solutions
High speed steel
Nitriding steel