The PLV pumps are a new range of pumps specially studied for industrial painting. The experience of PLx pumps combined with technical solution of other MVV pump family, the usage of dedicated materials (from gaskets to gears, …) permits to obtain a pump with perfect seal and constant and accurate supply. Typical application is the painting made by robot. The pumps can be installed far from the white-box ensuring the selected pressure and stable flow. Modularity is the key word of this new pump line. In fact it is possible to assembly accordingly to customer needs and also after sale is possible to expand with new kit (i.e. different nominal capacity)

  • specifically intended for painting applications (spray gun, robotic systems)
  • suitable for abrasive fluids such as pigments, colorants, fluid containing carbide, oxide (e.g. calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, etc.)
  • dedicated materials for dyes and particles: PTFE, PEEK, high tech materials to handle abrasive fluids
  • modular and easily expandable, with WLV flushing valve or capacity increase kit
  • special superficial hardening treatment available
  • VLW–flushing valve
  • high tech normally closed pneumatic flushing valve
  • operates flushing of the painting system with solvents avoiding contamination
  • on demand available with proximity sensor
  • interchangeable with similar systems from other manufacturers
Viscosity cP 1 - 100.000
Capacity range cc/rev 0,3 - 8
Rotational speed rpm 10 - 300
Max outlet pressure psi/bar 174/12
Operating temperature °C 10-100
Appplications Materials Shaft Seal On Demand
Paints Martensitic S.S. Special Surface treatments
Catalyzers PEEK Pressure probes
Solvents PTFE Cleaning bypass valve
Metallic paint FFKM Integrated systems