Extrusion process requires reliable gear pumps to build melt pressure. The melt pump can be used to mantain a consistent pressure at the die or to compensate for pressure loss and fluctuation of a filtration system. The PAE Series Extrusion Gear Pumps are specifically designed for these applications. Rotating parts, fully made of core tempered High Speed Steel, make PAE series suitable for melts with abrasives particles at temperatures up to 350°C and discharge pressures up to 350 bar. Specifically engineered are available in order to reach 500 bar pressures. On demand pumps can be supplied with comprehensive electrical or fluid heating systems. Externally the pumps can be insulated and enclosed in stainless steel housing or with quick-removable insulation. On demand, full set of instruments, accessories and gauges is available for pump/heating system control.

  • high temperature (up to 350 °c) – high pressure applications (up to 500 bar)
  • designed to reduce the pulsation downstream extrusion equipment and to highly increase its efficiency
  • able to handle abrasive fluids
  • HSS high speed tool steel, for best resistance to high temperature and mechanical wear
  • packing as standard; on demand, MVV viscoseal labirynth or mechanical seal
  • on demand several heating and sensors features
  • custom designed solution meeting every and each customers’ needs
Sl Melt
Viscosity cP 10 - 1.000.000 (higher on demand)
Capacity range cP 1 - 2.500 (bigger on demand)
Rotation speed rpm 1 - 120 (depending on application)
Max outlet pressure psi/bar 7.250/500
Operating temperature °C 350
Appplications Materials Shaft Seal On Demand
Melted polymers High speed steel Superficial treatments
PP, PA, PA6, PA6.6, PET, PC, PS Nitrided steel Sensors
Acrylic dope Martensitic stainless steel Drive units and support structures
Viscose dope Special alloys Custom ports and flanges
Vacuum suction